Monday 23 January 2023

Chatting with Your Inner Self: The 2 Most Dangerous Words...

The Danger of "I"
     In a rich, peaceful, largely fair, and relatively tolerant society that encourages individualism like we enjoy in North America, your will is not often challenged. Such an environment encourages arrogance and a sense of entitlement which can lead to a narcissistic outlook. In the extreme, narcissism can lead to isolation and depression which, ultimately, may be life-threatening. 

     One way to monitor your narcissism is to track how often your sentences include the word "I." If you find that you are using it a lot, it might indicate a tendency to be overly self-involved.

The Danger of "Can't"
     "Can't" is overused and often misused to mean "don't want to." It's become common usage and both parties understand that it's a white lie that indicates a strong opposition to going along with an idea or event. It's perfectly ok to use this accepted language, but be sure to remind your inner self that you don't really mean "can't." The subconscious has difficulty distinguishing thoughts from reality and everything you can do builds self-esteem, while everything you can't do chips away at it.
     Personally, I think the best policy is to be plain-spoken about things you don't want to do. There are many other polite ways to decline an offer.


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