Monday 4 August 2014

Canadian Sci-fi writer, William M. Dean

Just so you know, this is my first-ever attempt at blogging. I will blog about this later.

 I was born in May of 1958 in the northern town of Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada. When I was 9 years old, my parents moved from the far north to the city of Victoria, furthest south in the province.

I now live in Victoria—which is, coincidentally, the setting for my novel, The Space Between Thought. Victoria is the province’s capital city and boasts Canada’s mildest weather. It's a big tourist attraction as well as retirement hot-spot. For it’s size, Victoria is uncommonly clean; a garden city with plenty of outdoor attractions and activities.

I was not a very dedicated student but my marks in Biology and English have always been impressive. So, naturally, I pursued a degree in Physics. I scraped through and managed to attain a B.Sc. from the University of Victoria. I wanted a double degree, but would have had to take another year to get a B.A. in English. I just didn’t have enough momentum left for more school so I entered the workforce.

Since the age of 9 it had always been my ambition to become a writer of science-based fiction but after graduation, my interest in computers led me to managing Victoria’s top computer retailer where I sold and marketed some of the first home computers—like the Vic 20, Commodore 64 and Amiga, nostalgia fans.

Unexpectedly, my technical expertise with computers and desktop publishing led to an apprenticeship with the internationally acclaimed Beautiful British Columbia Magazine. Five years later, I left to become the publisher of BC Agriculture Magazine. Publishing led to co-art-directing several video and television productions, including Take-Off! an acclaimed Canadian television series, aimed at kids. Since that time, I have been in business for myself as a marketer, project co-ordinator and sandwich man... whatever paid the bills and still allowed me time to write.

In June of 2003 I married Junko. My son, Noah, was born in April of 2005; my daughter, Rihana, in July of 2007. Junko is an adept practitioner of the lost art of homemaking who also home schools our children. My current day-job is marketing our unique family catering business, Today’s Lunch Co. (

I probably would have been published by the time I was 20 if I was willing to write anything other than only what I want to write. I love writing and wish it was my job, but contradictorily, never want it to become a “job.”

To date, I have written three full-length novels. The Space Between Thought is the first one to be published.

The other two novels I have written were much more straight-up sci-fi along the lines of the short-lived tv series, Intelligence. Had those two books been published anytime within 10 years of being written, they might have been more interesting but technological advances have rendered much of that original concept passe. I recently realized that to bring it up to date, I could start by replacing my hero’s name with the words “smart phone.” Still, the characters are interesting and I do have ideas about a re-write that would inject new life.

I knew that The Space Between Thought was my most polished work and still relevant and I no longer require an agent or publisher to get the story “on the shelf.” At the urging of my writer-friend, Gordon B. Hilton, I elected to self-publish. Gordon made it sound so easy: pay some money, send the text, sit back and wait. I have since discovered that Gordon was full of crap.

Also, it turned out to be a relatively expensive proposition, so I really appreciate every book that is purchased. (By December, 2014 it will be available on, and in bookstores.)

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