Tuesday 12 August 2014

What I learned today about banking....

Here's what I learned today...
Let's say that you somehow overpay your VISA card say, by 2¢.

And let's say that it's a credit card that you seldom use and so the -2¢ balance that shows on the statement each month, eventually, begins to annoy you.

And let's say that then, you decide to take that 2¢ back.

It will cost you $3.50.

It's considered a cash advance!

UPDATE (A week later):
 So I paid the $3.50 to bring the account to zero.

Two days later, the bank refunded the $3.50! I guess they realized it wasn't actually a cash advance.

Now I have -$3.50 sitting there on my statement, month after month.

Dare I try again?

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