Tuesday 4 November 2014

The Space Between Thought Book Cover: The Continuing Saga...

Ok Everyone,

Thank you for all the input. It's helped me eliminate a couple of the pics.

Here are the scores on the last 6 cover ideas:

#1: Tea = 7 positive votes (2 votes against)
#2: Clock overlay and larger bullet = 3
#3: Clock overlay and horiz. bullet = 3
#4: Clock overlay and tilted bullet = 2
#5: Clock in Eye with horiz. bullet = 8
#6: Clock in Eye with tilted bullet = 0 (one vote against)

 I talked to the graphic artist today and this is the latest. My book is about love, death, time travel and tea and this pic has all the elements, plus it's artsy which implies thoughtful, which I think this novel is. It's a time travel adventure, but at a deeper level, it's also a journey through loss and guilt.

Anyway... if you've another second to spare, please comment if you like or hate it...



  1. Too busy with the addition of the face. We like to conjure up our own facial imagery when reading anyway. I like the addition of the bullet to the saucer.

  2. Thanks again, Peg. All good observations, as usual.