Wednesday 14 January 2015 Secret Revealed!

I’m so lazy.

The following marketing scheme/scam occurred to me, earlier today: On any social media platform, I would make a post containing the following text and links... Secret Revealed! 

Once you see this, you will be convinced that AMAZON, not Google, KNOWS EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU!

 Click on the following link: Amazon Secret

This will take your browser to a book on called The Space Between Thought. This book does not exist. Simply make up a review, doesn’t have to be long. Give it 5 stars, complete the process and wait for an email from Amazon. 

If you are not completely amazed—and maybe a little frightened—by what you see, then something went wrong.
You can email for more complete information.

It's an easy way that I could get some reviews and some email addresses. And, possibly, attention from the media when this blows up in my face.

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