Friday 5 June 2015

Mike's Camera

Mike constructs roaring inferno to roast two veggie-dogs.

My younger brother, Mike, is a vegetarian and worries about little things like global warming (though my heating bills keep climbing) and animal cruelty (though most animals I've met have been quite gentle.) He lives as naturally and sustainably as one can while driving an SUV and spending ten hours a day in front of a CAD terminal, engineering A/C systems for shopping malls. As engineers go, he's practically a hippie, albeit a clean-shaven one with tightly cropped hair, wearing a tie and cardigan.

He has a little point-and-shoot camera which, in its default mode, will identify faces and take pictures only when people are smiling. Strangely, it refused to take pictures of my perpetually smiling, bubbly daughter, Rihana. Eventually, she concluded that she had lost too many teeth for it to recognize her smile. I thought that this was a startlingly astute deduction for a seven-year old which made me smile at which point Mike's camera took my picture.

Noah & Rihana - December, 2014

Mike enjoys long hikes in the countryside and it occurred to me that if he were ever attacked by a voracious, man-eating Grizzly his little point-and-shoot would almost certainly start snapping off a grand series of crisp shots of those 3-inch canines.

These would become treasured keepsakes by which we could all fondly remember him and his camera.


A "before" picture: "It's perfectly safe. That wire has a barb."

An "after" picture.

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