Friday 20 May 2016

Donald Trump: A Lesson in Consumerism

Ok - here's where I weigh in about Donald Trump. I waited quite long and may well be the very last person to do so. Probably not, though... there's too much sport and money in it.

Donald Trump's success is really a lesson in responsible consumerism.

He is advertising for the position of President. Long ago, regulators realized that false advertising works too well. If you slander your competition, exaggerate your own attributes and outright lie to support your claims, a small percentage of people will believe it. That small percentage can be a large number of individuals, and that amount of consumers buying into what you are selling can make you undeservedly rich and powerful.

Since product regulators did not want liars and cheats to be the big winners, they regulated their industry so that what advertisers claimed had to be verified. Politicians, it seems, are exempt from these rules and this is where it's led us.

Of course, since I'm all for freedom of speech, ultimately, I'd prefer to let the Donald Trumps of the world declare whatever they want, as loudly as they'd like, and I'd wish that people were more discriminating consumers. But as a group, they continually prove that they are not.

In general, people seem in denial over the fact that at the top of all corporate pyramids is the consumer. The ultimate power lies there. If no one buys the product then the product disappears. In the end, CEO's, lobby groups and corrupt politicians are not the bad guys. They only exist because of irresponsible consumers.

You and I are the real crime bosses.

Want to end prostitution? Stop paying for sex.

Want to win the war on drugs? Stop buying drugs.

Want to stop illegal immigration? Stop hiring illegal immigrants.

Your suppliers in all three of the above industries are killers whose methods are much more heartless and direct than anything Nike or Apple might ever have done.

Basically: You want to put and end to corruption? Don't be corrupted by your own petty desires.

Only you and I can put an end to irreprehensible behavior from politicians.

Don't like it? Vote against it.


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