Sunday 5 February 2017

Trump for ex-President 2017!

I've never liked Donald Trump. To me, he has always sounded like megalomaniacal idiot, and his actions seem to bear out that assessment.

As a leader, I think that he is a poor and possibly dangerous choice.

But if you are desperately wishing for Hillary Clinton, or the return of Barack Obama then you missed the key message. Trump's ascendancy was a reflection of the world's awakening that The 1% run the world only for their own benefit, and the USA's desperate wish for much-needed change. America put Trump in office because traditional candidates have consistently proven that they can't be trusted.

The banking and mortgage scandals of 2008 vividly demonstrated that the ruling elite felt little (if any) allegiance to the common man, that the experts had no idea what they were doing and that politicians would sacrifice their constituents to save their peers from embarrassment and culpability. After a worldwide economic "hiccup" in which thousands of Americans lost their life savings, and after decades of sending citizens off to wage war in the name of peace, Americans have woken up to the realization that their leaders do not identify themselves as Americans—Their tribe are The Privileged Few, their allegiance is to money and power, and it transcends nationality and borders. Trusting them to benevolently rule is like putting a drug dealer in charge of a pharmacy.

By all means, please make the obvious correction and oust Donald Trump, but this will not be over until a true American sits behind the desk in the Oval Office.


Further Reading:
Fall of Giants by Ken Follett (Duttun/Penguin, 2010)
 This is a truly engaging and well-researched historical fiction that altered everything I thought about how this world is ruled. From St. Petersburg to Washington, DC, this book tells the story of WWI through the eyes of five far-flung, but intertwined families.


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