Friday 4 October 2019

Snowstorm outside my office window & FREE BOOKS!

Check out this video of the January 2020 Victoria BC "snowstorm" that happened outside my home-office window. For perspective, the last time Victoria saw this much snow was in 1996!

I often have the white noise of videos like this playing while I write. It blots out distractions like sunshine and the noise of my happy-family. I looped the video and added wind sounds to make my own.

A heads-up...

100-eBook Giveaway of
Wakeless (Joe Sault, Book I)

(January 26-February 25, 2020)

The near future:
Reality is a blended (virtual, augmented, and holographic) and artificially intelligent robots have recently become available to the average consumer.
In Victoria, Canada, Constable Joseph Sault is out of touch with his children, possibly losing his wife to another man and his father to dementia, and constantly in trouble with his superiors. Feeling isolated and powerless, he finds solace only in his work. It’s a shaky balance that probably isn’t really working.
Investigating a simple traffic accident lands him in the middle of what might be a conspiracy with world-shaking implications. Then, when the prime suspect turns out to be his wife’s employer, his work and personal life collide. Worse yet, his only ally is a distractingly sexy hologram. Cornered and out of options, Sault risks everything in a desperate bid to outwit the man who has the world’s most powerful artificial intelligence at his command.

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