Saturday 1 November 2014

4 Original Scary Stories You Can Tell Your Children at Halloween

Just before Hallowe'en, I was driving the kids to visit their cousins. The kids wanted me to tell them scary ghost stories.

The skies were ominously dark, sooty clouds roiling above, while gale force winds buffeted and torrential rains drummed against our little car. By the glow of the dashboard and dull thumping of windshield wipers, I spun these four horrid tales...

ME: "Once there was a ghost couple who were married. The wife-ghost went out shopping and racked up 1000's of dollars in credit card debt! Sca-ary!"

KIDS: "Dad!"

ME: "Once upon a time there was a little ghoul and her very best ghoul friend. The ghoul-friend said something very insulting and the little ghoul got ALL of her feelings hurt!"

KIDS: "Da-ad!"

ME: "Once there were 3 ghost friends who went out haunting. The first ghost passed through a wall, followed by the second ghost, but the third hit the wall with a Thump! and fell to the ground. The other two came back and hovered over him. Then one ghost said, 'D-dude, I-I think you're ALIVE!' A-a-ah!"

KIDS: "Da-a-ad!!"

ME: "Once upon a time there was a struggling author who hired a gho-o-ost writer to finish his book. The gho-o-ost writer did a terrible job and missed every deadline. The author's publisher dropped him and he fell into obscurity and died. Then, he too became a gho-o-ost writer!"

KIDS: "Dad, can we listen to music?"

I hereby release all four of these stories into the public domain. 
Feel free to tell and retell them to similarly enthrall other children.

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